Human Capital Due Diligence

Human Capital Due Diligence™

Our process assesses the capability of your management team.

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How does your management team stack up?

Our process of “Human Capital Due Diligence” TM  assesses the first-tier management team’s capability, typically used ahead of a business purchase or as part of an equity investment decision.

Due diligence processes have traditionally concentrated on Financial & Legal perspectives, but have missed out on the People, and do not normally include an assessment of management capability. 

Human Capital Department have developed a three-step process involving; a management diagnostic; a behavioural event interview, and a development centre. These assessments provide substantial data about the managers’ strengths and weaknesses which guide intelligent decision making.  

Management Diagnostic

Our tool is recognised as having “predictive validity”, having been around for over 20 years, over 100,000 people have already undertaken the assessment. It also has the advantage that it is conducted online, and based on video scenarios, where participants observe managers in action, and are required to comment on their actions and behaviour.


Each Manager is then interviewed by our Consultant, using a "Behavioural Event Interview" technique reported in the Harvard Business Review. 

Assessment Centre 

The final step in the process is to have participants undergo an “Assessment Centre”. The managers undertake a series of practical exercises relating to the change of ownership including;

  • Cognitive Assessment 
  • General & Work-Style Assessment
  • Competitive Group Discussion


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“We needed to assess the capability of target companies management team prior to making an investment decision. Human Capital Department developed a process called "Human Capital Due Diligence" which meant that our shareholders could be confident that we were considering, not only Finance and Legal Due Diligence but also assessing the management team”

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