How Football May Help Tackle Your HR Issues

How Football May Help Tackle Your HR Issues

With the Euro 2020 championship in full swing, you could be very surprised at the similarities and lessons you can learn from how football teams, players and management operate.

Can you attract the best or right players? Why do some players play better with their club than they do with the country or vice versa? Is it ridiculous to say that an understanding of football can help tackle some of the HR issues in your business?

The best teams are able to identify the best talent or at the very least where they need improvement in the squad. Is the striker scoring enough goals or does your defence keep conceding? The same applies for HR, do you know where your team lacks strength in depth? Could your marketing or finance department be performing better and if so, can you identify and attract the right talent to fill that void.

Footballers prove how management can affect performance. It’s not unusual for the same footballer to perform better for their club than their country and vice versa. That same footballer with the same skills plays better in one environment than they do in another. This highlights the importance of employee management - understanding how to manage your employees is essential to any successful workplace.

The biggest clubs in the world spend millions on their training facilities – it’s important to recognise the value of training and development. Football clubs don’t buy a player and leave them to their own resources - clubs continually train them to help them improve. It’s the same for employees. You hire them because they can do the job, but you should invest in them so that they can become better & increase their contribution and the overall performance of the company.

Understanding what training is needed is also essential; a striker would not prioritise defending drills and a defender would not have shooting practise high on their list. Goalkeepers themselves have specialised training sessions altogether. It is important to know what specific training staff need and not simply offer generic programmes. Try to offer a range of training that allows employees to work on their individual skillsets. Failing to provide the correct training opportunities can inhibit the performance of the company.

Does the footballer renew his contract because you offered them a higher wage or do they go elsewhere to win trophies? In football there are many different reasons why a player stays or leaves the club not just monetary. Employees are the same, you can offer more than a salary to attract or keep your staff.  Money is of course a great tool to reward staff but is there another ‘trophy’ you can offer them they can’t win elsewhere. Take a look at your benefits package and consider if there are any milestones or measures of success that can be rewarded. The teams and businesses with the best packages keep the best talent.


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