Keep Your Workers from Quiet Quitting

Keep Your Workers from Quiet Quitting

There’s one proven way to keep employees engaged in their jobs, and it’s not money. 

Over the years, studies have shown that only about one-third of employees report being “highly engaged” at work, with almost 70% of British workers reporting that the bulk of their workday is taken up by monotonous tasks – which if taken away [for example through automation] would mean more time for more creative work that ignites their passion. It is this improved work contribution [improved productivity] that helps the business move forward and provides a sustainable competitive advantage. 

These findings might help to explain a new trend at work called “Quiet Quitting”. This has been incorrectly defined as the act of doing only the bare minimum at work or ‘working to rule’ which would make managing people a nightmare for business. 

But quiet quitting isn’t really about avoiding work and doing the minimum – rather it is about embracing a more meaningful life outside of work. Studies have found that work-life balance is one of the key components of good mental health, yet few employees feel they have it. Younger people [known as Millennials and Gen Z] report that a good work/life balance is one of their top priorities. For those who cannot afford to leave their job, quiet quitting is a way to reclaim personal time. It’s also a push against the long hours and intense work culture seen as necessary to succeed in many occupations.  

If employers are able to provide more meaningful work, this will result in higher levels of engagement, and employees will be less likely to leave or quiet quit. Giving employees the option to work remotely or more flexibly in hybrid working can help to keep employees on side, but a more significant initiative is to encourage a sense of common purpose by valuing employees’ opinions and taking their ideas on board. 


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