Taking the office home..

Taking the office home..

Now be honest, in March 2020 how many of you were filling car boots with monitors from your desk at work or wheeling your office chair onto the train with you so you could work at home comfortably? This was by the far the most common option to ensuring staff at least some form of working station whilst at home. With most of us being blissfully naïve to think that the lockdown would not extend beyond a couple of months, this solution would be ideal as there was no need to buy additional equipment when it would only be used for a short period of time.

As homeworking slowly grew in popularityin the months that followed, the concept of the ‘hybrid’ office was born and this option quickly became unfeasible for the long term.

For such businesses looking to roll out a hybrid working model, whilst partially solving one problem of giving employees a free for all on office equipment, you are also creating the mammoth challenge of what to do when staff have their ‘office days’ in the future.

And perhaps on a more practical note, as commercial office furniture was designed with function over form, we have found that the bulky office chair it is not a popular centre piece for the kitchen. In addition to this, this approach also carries potential for unintentional discrimination to those that do not have access to private vehicles to transport large office items home.

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