Working through the pandemic

Working through the pandemic

The latest government prediction is that 15 million people in the UK will have been vaccinated by the end of February. We can, at last, look forward to a return to something like normal life. 

When that time comes most of us will want to go out and socialise again, and think-tank, the Resolution Foundation, predict a roaring-twenties style recovery fuelled by drinking and dining out. One local hotel, we work with, agree, and are using this latest lockdown as an opportunity to invest in improving their premises undertaking substantial building work in readiness for the recovery. 

Many other local businesses are similarly resilient, but unemployment levels are predicted to increase. We are also seeing a sharp increase in Employment Tribunal Claims, particularly for unfair dismissal as many firms are forced to reduce their workforce. At this time good HR advice is essential to ensure that processes and procedures are adhered to – We can now offer insurance protection against claims as part of our HR support service, but this is not a substitute for good HR practice.   

Government initiatives, such as Kickstart, are a necessary and welcome help for young people and local organisations can benefit from employing free trainees [contact me for details].  

The pandemic has changed the way many of us work & view work. Health, Well-being and Work-Life Balance are now more important than ever in Norfolk. Those that can, have been urged to work from home and many people report increase in their own productivity [from cutting down on commuting and travel to work time]. From the organisations point of view this change may be difficult to sustain, however. People and Job roles are not seen in isolation but interdependent and demand teamwork. People are social animals and need real social inter-action, which cannot be replicated on computer video calls [when comradery is on mute].  



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