Is the new lock-down a chance to sit-down & review career options?

Is the new lock-down a chance to sit-down & review career options?

With over 45,000 deaths and an R number of 1.6 and daily death rates rising again [280 new deaths last Thursday] it seemed inevitable that the government would announce another lockdown. 

This has been devastating for businesses and the economy with redundancies [227,000 from Jun-Aug] and unemployment at 4.5% [or 1.5 Million] and fears of mass unemployment. Well-known companies and brands including Pizza Express, J D Weatherspoon, and EasyJet have all announced that jobs are at risk. 

Although the Furlough scheme ended on the 30th Oct it has been replaced with the New Job Support Scheme where the government now pays 67% of wages in a Tier 3 lockdown. However, many local firms have already made the difficult decisions to make redundancies [typically 10-20% of the workforce]. Some sectors have been largely unaffected including; agriculture and food processing, construction and trades and the care sector while others in tourism, travel, hotels and pubs have been devastated.

Is this a good time to make a career change? If you were thinking about making a career change before lock-down this might be a good time to re-train. For example, training for a trade or profession such as nursing or the medical profession or to become a teacher or join the police or to undertake a higher degree such as an MA or MBA.  For those [most of us] with financial and other commitments a decision to change career takes more than bravery.  

If you are a young person and out of work the government’s “Kickstart” scheme could be worth looking into. Firms are able to recruit 16-24-year olds who are claiming Universal Credit as “Trainees” who work 25 hours a week on National Minimum Wage for six months, paid by the government. Human Capital Department have applied to be a ‘representative’ or ‘gateway’ for local employers who want to recruit a trainee under the scheme, providing support with recruitment, training and on-placement. 


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