Kickstart Scheme Kicks Off

Kickstart Scheme Kicks Off

As we wait for the full details of the government’s #kickstart scheme, I would like to reach out to my network to see if Human Capital Department can help and add-value in the following elements of the scheme:

* Recruitment & Selection
* Training & Development &
* Outplacement + Careers Advice

These are important if the scheme is to work but maybe too onerous for #SME businesses;

* JobCentre+ do not preselect candidates so a lot of employers time will be wasted seeing unsuitable people. We could help in conducting initial interviews, testing & referencing.

* Firms are not good at training but without a structured training plan in place candidates are unlikely to get much from the placement and employers won’t get much out of the trainees. We can help by agreeing a competency framework and individual training plans for the six months placements and by monitoring progress against the plan.

* Some Careers advice is needed so that trainees can use the six month assignment as a stepping stone to another work or training opportunity if it does not lead to a job at the firm -we can help

Do you think there would be a demand for these services (assuming it will be allowed under the rules of the scheme)? Let me know your thoughts.

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