Five top tips to consider before taking on a trainee under the government’s kickstart programme.

Five top tips to consider before taking on a trainee under the government’s kickstart programme.


The new jobs programme announced by the chancellor on 8th July 2020 has been designed to help tackle youth unemployment. It will offer six month paid work placements for young people [18-25] at risk of long-term unemployment, who will be paid at the National Minimum Wage while on the scheme. The government will fund the wage costs and an administration fee for employers for 25 hours a week, for around 300,000 jobs.

Top Tips to Employers:

  •  Wait till the programme starts – The scheme starts in September and will be administered by the Jobcentre+ [not training companies involved with administering the apprenticeship programme]. At the moment the Jobcentres are closed with only a recorded message letting people know to apply for benefits online.   
  • Define what is the person required to do - develop a Job Description & Person Specification [or Role Profile] so that you have a clear understanding of what the trainee is required to do. This should be communicated to applicants ahead of the interview.
  • Plan the Recruitment Process – typically recruitment consists of: 
  •  CV
  •  Interview +
  • References.

If recruiting a similar cohort of people [such as trainees] you may want to do something more imaginative. For example, one of our clients is planning to hold an “assessment centre” – this consists of a number of individual and group activities including teamwork exercises to really get to know the candidates and see how they inter-relate.  

  • Draw up and implement a Training and Development Plan - this maybe based on a competency framework or industry standards or something that already exists within your firm. We owe it to young people on the scheme to provide a level of training and development so that the scheme does not get tarnished as a way to manipulate the unemployment statistics.  
  • Ending the Training Programme – consider what might happen after the six months programme; could it lead to an Apprenticeship or Permanent Job Role? If not, can you offer some Outplacement or Careers Advice and Support to help the trainee on to the next step in their career?  

Contact Human Capital Department for help in any of the above areas.  


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