Winter Is Coming!

Winter Is Coming!

Predicting the weather is always tricky! Do you remember when a famous TV weatherman failed to predict the Great Storm of 1987? What was his name?! Forecasters are predicting another spell of bad weather - it seems likely we will have some cold weather and maybe even snow, as we are now in the middle of winter, although who knows if it will be another “Beast from the East”?  

About this time last year, a number of businesses in Lynn, including some of our clients at Human Capital Department, were caught out as they did not have a Bad Weather Policy.  

The snow and ice hit suddenly, and it was extremely difficult to get to work. Without a clear policy staff & managers were not sure what to do; should they battle the elements and try to get into work no matter what, or was it OK to arrive late & finish early or to take a day off as annual leave, or even work from home during the bleakest days? 

As a business, it is important to let staff know what the rules and expectations are in all events, including if bad weather should hit. People should know what the rules and expectations are ahead of time, and the business can plan accordingly, rather than being caught in a verbal snow ball fight of staff & manager uncertainty. 

Typically, a policy will include; a statement of intent; employees’ responsibilities; the practical steps they need to take [for example to advise their manager]; & level of line manager’s discretion.  

Has your employer got a #BadWeatherPolicy in place to let staff know what to do if the bad weather hits? We have a free template & example policy which I’m happy to share - drop me an email: or give me a ring tel. 01553 609968 for a copy. In the meantime wrap up warm! 


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