How can you improve the productivity of your workforce?

How can you improve the productivity of your workforce?

Employee Engagement can be summed up as the way employees and managers feel about their job, employer and place of work.

It is now widely acknowledged that if employees are highly engaged, this will materially affect, not only their own performance, but the performance of the whole organisation [MacLeod Report – Engage for Success].  

People are our greatest asset

For many years companies have talked about the importance of the contribution of employees and managers to the success of the business, and that “people make the difference”, and are our “most important asset.”

Employees are widely seen as a key ingredient to business success and can provide organisations with sustainable competitive advantage. Until recently however, little attention has been given to how to leverage this “asset” and get the best from people. In other words, how do we get the best from our workforce or make them more productive? 

Success Stories

Great employee engagement has significantly contributed to business success or business turnaround within a number of household organisations including; Virgin Airways, John Lewis, LANG, ARM Holdings, Campbells Soup, Google, ASDA and many others.

Engagement Indicators

When employees are really engaged, they will willingly “go the extra mile” and demonstrate “discretionary effort” – doing things they might not have to do – and thus showing their commitment to the job and the organisation through positive actions and behaviour. 

This can be measured in Key Performance Indicators, such as Customer Satisfaction – these will improve, and this will enviably result in improved KPI’s including increased sales.  

On the other hand, disengaged employees will have a negative effect on business performance. Disengagement is noticeable and measurable as; employee sickness absence, employee staff turnover, and lack of focus and effort and poor productivity.

Why use an Engagement Survey Tool?

The Engagement Multiplier - Employee Engagement Survey tool, enables organisations to measure and track levels of employee engagement, at an individual, departmental and functional level.  

What do you do with the data?

People Management and Development Consultants, Human Capital Department can help translate the report data, into a set of coherent planned initiatives, which will address concerns or issues raised in the survey and help engage and re-engage employees.


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