When it’s time to drop everything and run payroll, even the most experienced small business owners can find themselves grinding their teeth. In fact, human capital department discovered that owners (and the people helping them) spend one to five hours on payroll every month. And even when they’re careful, 40 percent of small employers make a payroll mistake each year, resulting in overpayments and additional administration.

Payroll Service Human Capital Dept

When you set off down the path to payroll paradise, there are two ways to do it: You can sharpen your pencil and slip on your green visor, or you can find a good payroll service to automate parts of the process and free you up to focus on everything else your business needs.

Payroll Service Human Capital Dept

A good payroll company can do a lot to help your business get it right.

How much do payroll services really cost?

For a lot of businesses, the first question that likely springs to mind is: How much will it cost? Because there are different pricing structures, it’s not always easy to compare apples to apples. At human capital department we charge a fee for each pay slip [normally monthly] of charge £3 for each employees – there is no flat monthly fee or set up costs.

So what do you get?

First of all, you get peace of mind. Those late night payroll runs, emergency calls to your accountant, and energizing (not!) visits to the HRMC website will become a distant memory.

But the real reason to sign up for our payroll service is to take some of the workload off your shoulders. When you don’t have to think about payroll issues you can focus on all the other stuff that goes into running your business.

To keep your time (and your mind) free of all the payroll distractions, we will:

1. Run payroll on your schedule
2. Calculate taxes and withhold them from employee and contractor pay
3. Deduct payments for benefits
4. Pay both employees and contractors
5. Pay all your employment and payroll taxes
6. File all your payroll tax forms & keep a note of any PAYE balances due to HMRC
7. Send year-end tax forms to employees and contractors
8. Weekly emails and telephone support mean you’re always covered.
9. Fully managed auto enrolment system.
10. Provide up to the minute advice and legislation updates to keep you informed and Full advice on statutory entitlements.
11. Offer a secure cloud based payroll service.
12. Provide reports as required.

We can also offer additional features (or integrations with other types of software) to help you go above and beyond simple payroll processing.

Support and migration

Because payroll never takes a vacation — and neither your employees nor the government are okay with errors — it’s crucial for any good payroll company to offer strong support when you have problems or questions.

You can also connect with us 24 hours a day using any of the social media networks or via email with telephone assistance available from Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. An entire team qualified to Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) are at your disposal!

Making your decision

We offer a free trial that lets you go in, kick the tires, and do a test drive before you take the plunge.

We think by choosing human capital department you will be doing yourself a big favour, and saving money on aspirin for those late-night-number-crunching headaches, but we would say that wouldn’t we!