HR help-line number: 07944 694241

Got an Employee Issue and want a second opinion on the best course of action or need to check potential consequences of a decision?

Our telephone help line is manned by a Fellow of the CIPD, who holds a Master Degree in Human Resource Management. More importantly she has a wealth of experience advising SME’s and larger corporates on personnel management and employee relations issues, including all aspects of employment law.

Some examples of the questions we are asked on the help-line:

We have an employee who started six months ago. She has recently started to be late for work and has taken time off without sufficient explanation. What steps should I take? I don’t really want to upset her too much as she is normally a good worker.

How do I calculate holiday pay for a part time employee whose hours are flexible?

If we are busy and can’t afford to allow staff to have time off for holidays or they have to cover for absent colleagues, can holiday entitlement be taken over into the next holiday year.

I have an employee who has recently been in trouble with the police and attended court recently. Do we have to continue to employ him as he is something of a troublemaker?

I have an employee who is absent on long term sick leave. There is little likelihood she will be able to return as she would not be able to fulfil her job role considering how ill she is. What steps should I take to terminate employment?

We have an employee who was on a probationary period of a month. However, the month has now passed and we have not had any formal conversations with her about her work and we haven’t confirmed her in post. She is now saying that she should receive a pay rise as per her contract because she has completed her probationary period. However, we are not happy with her work and would like to terminate employment. What can we do?

One of our employees has just raised a grievance concerning another employee who he says is being discriminatory towards him as well as being rude and aggressive. They work together on the shop floor and it would not be possible to move one of them elsewhere. What steps should I take to resolve the grievance?

This service is part of our retained service but you are welcome to try the help line for nothing – we’d be very interested to hear your feedback!